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The beach is a haven of healing, clarity, simplicity, and relaxation. It is a place to bask in the sun’s warm embrace as your stress just rolls away with each wave caressing the shore… In such a peaceful state, one might drift off to sleep without a care in the world… Except maybe on a windy day.

We have experienced the inconvenience and even the dangers of bringing an umbrella to the beach on sunny, yet windy day. As far as we’re concerned, your trip to the beach should never be stressful, and certainly not dangerous!

Beachgoers need more than just a peaceful scene, they need peace of mind, and that’s where we come in. With a deep appreciation for the beach lifestyle, our family has created Anchor Works to enhance and prolong this experience.

We truly believe in the strength of simplicity and believe this begins with our famous anchor, most notable for its lightweight, durable and adaptable design. With products specifically designed to take your beach experience to the next level, we’ll help you get your toes in the sand in no time!

Bring on the Beach!

Beach Umbrella


Relax Outside
With Style In Comfortable Shade

Who Says A Windy Day Can't Be An Umbrella Day?



The Anchor that works! A brand new patented design developed right here in the USA, our anchor is essential for worry-free shading in the sand.

The Anchor is a beach umbrella stabilizer made of lightweight material allowing for a safe and hassle free day at the beach. The days of chasing your umbrella down the surf are over!

Simple and intelligent, our special patented design includes a bowl at the base which restricts any umbrella from blowing away. An adjustable table helps avoid getting sand in all those holes and crevices… of your phones, drinks, and laptops of course.

Pair with our top quality classic umbrella.



32.5-33 inch x 12x12

Compact design

12 inch table

With cup and phone holders!

Here Comes The Sun!



Bring on the beach!

Our classic Anchor Works Umbrella pairs perfectly with the Anchor.



Coming Soon...

Beach, Please! These add-ons will take your beach day to the next level. 

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